Ford Cosworth DFV

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  • ○ For detailed information about plumbing a DFV engine, view Speed Details' site. At first we thought what came in the envelope was a little sparse until I opened it all up and really gave gave it a good look. Stephen put a lot of work and research into gathering and making all of this invaluable DFV plumbing and wiring reference material available. A lot of it actually pertains to the plumbing of the radiators, coolers, tanks and so on. If you want to have the absolute, spot-on reference to correctly plumb and wire the DFV engine, transaxle, tanks, coolers, radiators and more then simply contact Stephen and get your hands on this priceless material.


Please note that the photo etch differs between cars. These products are compatible with the following 1/12 scale cars.

  • ○ Brabham BT44B
  • ○ Lotus 49
  • ○ Lotus 72D
  • ○ Lotus JPS MkIII
  • ○ McLaren M23
  • ○ Tyrrell 003
  • ○ Tyrrell P34
  • ○ Wolf WR1


Formula Perfect Photo Etch Set


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The photo etch sets for the engine kits contain the following parts to detail the Tamiya DFV F1 engines: the injector slide valve assemblies, the mounting plates used where the injector bodies bolt to the intake plenum, the mounting plates for the base of the injector stacks, the mounting flanges for the headers to the block, the side inspection plate for the lower side of the engine block, the header to collector fastening tabs, mounting plates for the plumbing that is plumbed directly into the block, the plates to attach the engine to the tub (these are the plates that are attached to the valve covers), the plate that covers the drive belt which runs the water and oil pumps (this fits between the front of the engine and the rear of the tub). Additional etched parts are provide for the cars that ran a plate on top of the injector stacks such as on the Lotus JPS MkIII and the Wolf WR1. Additional brackets are provided for the Tyrrell 003 for mounting the air scoop to the top of the engine as well. Note: The DFV Photo Etch Sets are also listed on the "Parts" Page.

Included In This Set
  • ○ Full List Coming Soon!
Ford Cosworth DFV 1/12 Photo Etch

Formula Perfect Cast Metal Engine & Transaxle Parts Set


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Nothing resembles metal like real metal. Nothing makes a model feel more substantial, valuable and realistic than by adding some metal components and weight. The Formula Perfect Ford Cosworth DFV Engine Cast Metal Parts Set does just. It gives your model some substance and by media blasting the components and leaving the raw they will patina over time to a wonderful realistic tone. Just look at the photos below to see how great the engine and transaxle look after years simply being assembled and left to change over time. Nothing beats using real metal casting of parts that we created this way on the real formula one race car.

Included In This Set
  • ○ Cast metal replicas of the following parts that generally correspond to Tamiya part numbers: C3-16, C18-23, C27-33, D12-13, D26-28, D37, D48, F6, F8, G16, G19 plus additional engine and transaxle parts related to the other DFV engine powered cars totaling 46 individual parts.
  • ○ Coming Soon!
Ford Cosworth DFV 1/12 Engine Transaxle Ford Cosworth DFV 1/12 Transaxle Ford Cosworth DFV 1/12 Castings Image 1 Ford Cosworth DFV 1/12 Castings Image 2